Wiper Blade Restorers

From only $8.50 each!

Order Price US$ (all inc)
One (1) Wiper-Wizard @ $11.00 + $3 p&p Totals $14.00
Two (2) Wiper-Wizards @ $10.00ea + $4 p&p Totals $24.00
Three (3) Wiper-Wizards @ $9.00ea + $5 p&p Totals $32.00
Four (4) Wiper-Wizards @ $8.50ea + $6 p&p Totals $40.00



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This genius little tool gives you an instant and convenient way to overcome wiper smearing, chips & streaks without the expense of finding and fitting a new set of wipers each time there’s a little wear or rain.

With your Wiper-Wizard on hand you can maintain a perfect wiping and cleaning edge on your blades for four, five, six or more times than the usual life of any blades.

Our Wiper-Wizard provides an economical, efficient and clean way to increase your family driving safety and enjoyment by extending the working life of all the wiper blades you ever buy.